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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

For straightforward tasks, you can just email us your requirements and we will email you back with anything we need to clarify and then let you know exactly how much it will cost and how long it will take. For regular tasks or more complex projects then we can arrange a Skype or telephone call to talk through your exact requirements.

Do you use secure payment methods?

Yes and we like to keep invoicing and payment arrangements really simple. You can pay us either by Paypal or by electronic payment direct into our bank account. For one-off pieces of work we’ll email you an invoice with our details on the bottom. For ongoing contracts we bill on either a weekly or monthly basis and provide you with a time analysis as appropriate.

What are your payment terms?

Our standard terms and conditions are payment within 7 days of invoice.

Do I have to give you confidential passwords and information?

There are ways around giving full access over to a virtual assistant you are working with. We can set up a shared information source using dropbox or google docs to ensure that you only share with us the files and resources you need us to work with or you can set up filters within your inbox which will automatically forward any email with specified keywords (e.g. diary, schedule, conference call etc.) to your VA.

When it comes to financial access, we would help implement strict financial controls and would suggest any additional security measures required which would discuss with you in more detail.


Customer confidentiality is an absolute priority for us. All our staff sign a confidentiality agreement and we are also more than happy to sign any client confidentiality agreements as we consider ourselves to be a part of your team.


We have some additional ways that we try to alleviate your concerns about security. We operate rigourous screening and reference checking for all of our staff and they are all either experienced business administrators or quaified professionals and as such have to be registered with an appropriate professional body.