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5 reasons to switch to Xero

5 reasons to switch to Xero

We think there are genuinely loads of reasons to make the switch from traditional desktop based accounting packages to Xero cloud based accounting software, so it’s a bit of a challenge to come up with a top 5 but in the spirit of keeping things simple here are our top picks to help you decide to make the move!


1.Collaborative Working

We think this is probably the game changer because it offers such a new way of working with your book-keeper or accountant. Everyone has instant access to the numbers so as an adviser we can easily help you with queries and suggest solutions.  We get a much deeper insight into your business model and what key drivers are really important to manage. 


2. Mobile Access      

Xero’s data is sat very securely within the Cloud. You can use Xero through your web browser and through a mobile app, making it readily accessible wherever you might be so you can work wherever you want. 


3. Real Time Numbers

Instead of focussing on historic financial information you stay up to date with with your business by customising your online accounting dashboard with the areas you want to monitor like bank balances, outstanding debts, credit card information or keeping an eye on sales and spending.  You have an up to date, real time overview of your key performance indicators.


4. Less Jargon!

Xero was designed with business owners in mind not accountants.  There’s a lot less technical jargon to deal with than traditional accounting systems making it easy to learn. It has a very intuitive user interface and the default views are always simple and straightforward. You don’t need to be an accounting expert to use it.  There are also loads of free training and resources online including Xero University and Xero TV to help you get the best out of your system and you also have access to Xero support. 


5. Compliance

Xero say that adopting technology can really help small and medium businesses weather the “perfect storm” of Brexit and GDPR. With Xero you’ll have data that is stored on safely encrypted servers and always be using the latest versions making sure you stay up to date and compliant.

Talk to us about making the move to using the latest cloud based accounting system at zyra@zyrabusinessservices.co.uk   

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