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Xero Marketplace..there’s an App for that

Xero Marketplace..there’s an App for that

If you’re new to Xero or you aren’t familiar with it, it’s probably worth a look at the Xero Marketplace where you’ll find over 700 time saving apps that connect with Xero. You can sort by apps that suit your type of business or by function like CRM or time tracking and there is also a new and noteworthy section featuring some of the newest and most innovative apps.  We’ve got some favourites which we thought you might find useful for us to give you a brief overview of:


1. Hubdoc

For data automation you can’t go far wrong with Hubdoc. Hubdoc  auto-fetches financial documents from over 700 banks and online vendors, transactions are automatically matched with bank feed transactions in Xero. The key data is taken from receipts and bills creating entries in Xero with the original document attached.  You can scan documents in and email to Hubdoc or you can take a picture on your phone and upload to the app, it makes manual expenses and supplier invoice data entry a thing of the past.



Futrili is an all-in-one forecasting and reporting application designed for businesses and advisors who want to control cash flow and accelerate growth.  Futrili allows you to get better financial control over your business by monitoring cashflow daily, weekly or monthly.  You can get a three way forecasting picture showing you exactly what lies ahead for your business for up to 10 years. Three way forecasts give you a picture of the profit and loss or income statement, balance sheet and the cash flow forecasts all in one place.  Many businesses will have an existing budget set at the beginning of  the year. These can be uploaded and saved into Futrili, but you can copy this and use as a version 2 – your forecast, which will then flex and move with your business as the year progresses.


3. Tradify

Tradify is the complete job management solution for contractors and tradesmen and women. It allows you to manage jobs from quotation through to invoicing and links automatically with your Xero accounting package.  You can create tasks within each specific job, you can allocate staff to jobs, it gives you a daily or weekly scheduler, it can manage timesheets for staff and shows you individual task and/or job profitability and it is really simple to implement and use.


4. MinuteDock

Popular with lawyers, accountants, freelancers and consultants, MinuteDock lets you easily assign time the way you want to, tracking by client, project and task.  You can use the mobile app to track time wherever you or your team members go and as it’s quite fun to use it encourages people to actually use it which helps you keep on top of your tasks and budgets.



Stripe makes it really easy to accept credit and debit card payments for the online invoices that you send your clients or customers in Xero. It means that customers can pay you quickly and securely just by hitting the pay now button on the invoice.


If you’re not currently automating your business systems, you’re potentially missing the chance to truly scale your business. By using technology to automate more processes you can free up more time for the human interactions that will help you to stand out from your competition.

If you’d like to talk to someone about getting more from Xero by using some of these Apps then get in touch at Zyra@Zyrabusinessservices.co.uk